The Faith Order of Christian Initiation

An OCIA (Order of Christian Initiation of Adults) class is a program of instruction and formation for adults who are interested in becoming Catholic. The OCIA is a process by which adults learn about the Catholic faith, prepare for the sacraments of initiation (Baptism, Confirmation, and the Eucharist), and enter into full communion with the Church.

Topics taught in OCIA Class include:

  • The nature of the Catholic Church and its history
  • The beliefs and teachings of the Catholic Church, including the Creed, the sacraments, and moral teachings
  • The life and teachings of Jesus Christ, as recorded in the Gospels
  • The history of salvation and the Old Testament
  • The person and work of the Holy Spirit
  • The role of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints in the life of the Church
  • The liturgy and the sacraments, including the Mass and the sacraments of initiation (baptism, confirmation, and the Eucharist)
  • Prayer and spiritual practices, such as the Rosary and lectio divina
  • Catholic social teaching and the call to serve others

The OCIA class typically consists of weekly sessions that are led by a trained catechist (instructor) and may include other members of the parish community. The sessions are structured to provide a comprehensive introduction to the Catholic faith and to help participants grow in their understanding and practice of the faith.

The OCIA class is an important part of the process of becoming a Catholic, and it provides adults with the opportunity to ask questions, learn about the faith, and grow in their relationship with God. It is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about the Catholic Church and may be particularly helpful for those who have never been baptized, those who were baptized in another Christian denomination, and those who were baptized Catholic but have not received the other sacraments of initiation.

Adult Catholics who did not complete their sacraments of initiation and still need to receive First Holy Communion and Confirmation also prepare by attending OCIA Class.

For more information about joining our OCIA class, please contact Marty Navarro